Technology Commercialization in the Innovation Economy

August 2014

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The four articles in this special section focuses on ways in which venture capitalists bring their ideas or new products to the marketplace. Universities, capital venture firms, and corporations alike are increasingly organizing to more explicitly play to their own strengths when it comes to bringing new ideas to market. What launches in a university or garage or incubator now has a better chance than ever of making it to market. In today's innovation economy — where technology, knowledge, and entrepreneurship are the coin of the realm — the conversation increasingly centers around startups, external partnering, licensing, angel and venture funding, research commercialization, accelerators, open innovation, and so on. Read Full Article »

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Articles from Computer

Andrew S. Tanenbaum: The Impact of MINIX

Andrew S. Tanenbaum: The Impact of MINIX

If you trace the moment where Linux-like OSes flickered to life, you'll find the MINIX OS. In this interview, Tanenbaum describes motivation, development, and impact of the MINIX OS. Read full article »

Computing and the Law: Privacy and Big Data

Computing and the Law: Privacy and Big Data

Big data's explosive growth has prompted the US government to release new reports that address the issues.
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Computing Conversations

Joseph Hardin: NCSA Mosaic

Computer magazine's multimedia editor Charles Severance interviews Joseph Hardin about the development of the Mosaic browser at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and how it introduced the World Wide Web to the general public.


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