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Project Tackles RFID Security

A Canadian university researcher is working on ways to provide security for RFID technology. His approach would let users know when a reader is accessing information on an RFID tag or enable them to control access to the data.


Standard Promises Rich Web Typography

A proposed specification that would standardize Web-based fonts promises to enable rich typography on the Web.


Steganography Development Offers Promise

Researchers have developed a new approach to steganography — hiding data, messages, or images within other data, messages, or images — that could conceal information on CDs in a way that makes it unreadable by conventional CD players but detectable by specially designed devices.


New Bluetooth Version Offers High Speeds and More Applications

A standards organization has finished work on the newest version of the Bluetooth short-range, wireless-communications technology. Bluetooth 4.0 will offer high data rates and work with low-power devices such as medical and physical-fitness sensors.


Libraries Face the Challenge of Archiving Digital Material

For centuries, academic libraries have faced challenges in preserving and storing important written documents. Now, they face a new set of hurdles in preserving and storing born-digital material.


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