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Computing Now's News Podcast covers the most important and interesting topics from industry and research, taken from the pages of IEEE Computer Society publications.

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New Service Promises to Improve Online Search

A new product promises to help users determine the most relevant results of their online searches.


Application Uses Visualization Technology to Fight Disease

A researcher has developed visualization techniques and a toolkit that let users comb through disease-related statistics in otherwise unexamined sources—such as patient records and newspaper articles—to discover geographic trends that could help control the spread of illnesses.


Device Could Eliminate Wires in Home and Office Communications

Purdue University researchers are working on a small device that converts laser pulses into radio signals, which could enable high-speed wireless communications in place of many of the wired transmissions currently used in home and office systems.


Project Converts Arms and Hands into Input Devices

A Carnegie Mellon University doctoral student has developed a prototype system that could let users turn their arms or hands into keyboards or display screens via acoustic vibrations produced by tapping their skin.


New Approach Combines TV and Social Networking

Researchers are beginning to work on an approach they call social TV, which seamlessly combines social networks and traditional television viewing.


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