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Growing complexity - need for solid cs knowledge

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I have seen the last 15 years a shift in the way cs knowledge has been used in the business software business (see SAP for an example):
In the 1990ies computer science graduates were mainly the programmers / application architects.
With the spread of web-based solutions, the execution environment for business software is getting increasently complex:
- different operating systems
- complex networks with complex security features
- intercompany processes
- multi-application environments
- legacy infrastructure to connect
Each year adds new complexity to each application (compare a typical OS from the 90ies to a typical Unix of today);
Today the industry is asking for systems's architects mastering all the areas mentionned above.
A graduate of today should master the basics, no doubt about that.
But we need to find a way to transmit the integrative knowledge necessary for today system landscapes.
RE: Growing complexity - need for solid cs knowledge
3/14/10 7:39 PM as a reply to Thomas Rutschke.

Good point! If you could ask the IEEE Computer Society to do one thing - - what would it be?

Nick Bowen