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cloud topics of interest identified by the BOK group

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Cloud Topics, Gayn:
1. History of HPC, Clusters, Clouds, Storage, Big Data, ...
2. Terminology: cloud, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, public cloud, private cloud, community cloud, hybrid cloud, virtual private cloud, .... (include good examples)
3. Basic cloud concepts: virtual machines, virtual storage, virtual networks, charging algorithms (cpu/hr, GB/month, transmission costs, ...)
4. Underlying technologies: file systems, block storage, object storage, NAS and SAN servers, virtualizable machines, cores, threads, switch groups, clusters, Ethernet, Fiber Channel, RAID, erasure codes, ...
5. Overlying technologies: Google's basic technology and Google copycats, Hadoop, the Apache Hadoop Environment (Hive, Pig, ...), Amazon's technologies and Amazon's copycats, Eucalyptis, CloudStack, ...
6. Security: NIST has done a lot, but skipped mobile access. Also, clouds as launch-pads for attacks.
7. Availability: MTTR, MTTF, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity
8. Performance: CPU, storage, IO, latency, ...
9. Cost: How to value the intangibles, cross over points to move to a cloud and to move back, buying and leasing private clouds, putting private clouds in a commercial data center, pricing virtual private clouds, cost of cloud storage and backup, ...

• Interoperability INTRA cloud and INTER cloud environments (are they different enough to separate).
• Countermeasures (What are CC countermeasures to mitigate “what” risk?) See below & 04-04-03 pdf)
• Cloud interface requirements (see Using SE Stds in an Arch Framework.Doc)
• Cloud overlap mapping (language overlap example)
• Cloud common language - XML? XML extensions? (See IFXandebXML.pdf)
• Strategy issues in cloud computing
• Regulatory Issues (current laws, international law, contract provisions, etc.)
• Risk assessments
• Cloud Research
• Cloud Security (Network, Application. Data) See below:
• Hot links to other BoK, organizations, etc
• Cloud Tools (Big Data needs a tool set. Does CC?)
• Best Practices (Are there any?)
• Best of Breed (Are some clouds better?)
• Cloud examples (Case Studies)
• Cloud Models (See model example in 02-08-01 pdf)