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Open Cloud 1 1/9/13
TraceCSO - Cloud Risk Assessment tool 1 10/15/12
Reasons to Say "no" to the cloud 13 10/12/12
Cloud Savings Piling Up 3 10/4/12
Use Case Actors 1 10/2/12
Gayn's blog: Computing Techniques for Big Data 2 9/26/12
"The Cloud is Hiring" 3 9/24/12
"Toward a Unified Ontology of Cloud Computing" 12 9/5/12
Guide to the software engineering BOK 1 9/5/12
Taxonomy of cloud computing services 5 8/23/12
IEEE Systems Engineering BoK (SEBOK) 3 7/29/12
IEEE BoK on Services Computing 11 7/29/12
Cloud Computing Conceptual Model and Framework 23 7/29/12
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Cloud Computing Certifications_ Courses and Institutions
All Cloud Computing certifications, Courses and Institutions offering degrees in it
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Cloud Computing Guide 0 1 Access from Desktop
Cloud Computing Resources and Research URL_summary
Cloud Providers, Cloud Hosting Services, IT Cloud Computing resources, Cloud Computing articles overview, Cloud Computing in Post Secondary Institutes, Cloud Computing in K-12 institutes, Cloud Computing portals in Department of Education, Cloud Computing Working Groups, Cloud Computing Security Working Groups, Cloud Computing Security Tools, Cloud Computing Glossary, Cloud Computing useful links, Cloud Computing Case Studies, Cloud Computing Webinars, Cloud Computing Conferences
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Cloud Taxonomy
Nested folders with titles based on NIST Taxonomy

Subfolders: Cloud Auditor, Cloud Broker, Cloud Carrier, Cloud Service Consumer, Cloud Service Provider
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Cloud benefits and Challenges - the IT View 0 6 Access from Desktop
Intel cloud taxonomy and ecosystem 0 1 Access from Desktop
Organizing the BOK
BOKS are comprised of Knowledge Areas (KAs), each of which has a set of related topics.
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