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RE: New Volunteers

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RE: New Volunteers
8/9/12 6:37 AM
The CC Body of Knowledge will use our CC technical terms.
IEEE Technology Navigator tries to show taxonomy of technical terms. Their view is CC is related to Utility Computing
and Utility Interface, but omits Cluster Computing and Grid Computing. This team needs to get login credentials to "train" TechNav to use current related CC terms as done for the IEEE 2009 IEEE Taxonomy which also needs updates submitted to through our committee representative Stephanie White.
RE: New Volunteers (Cloud Computing Terminology)
9/4/12 12:41 PM as a reply to John Walz.
It's not clear to me that the BoK group is the best to prime TechNav for the CS. Anyway, I have to admit I amnot familiar with how it works or who is developing it. We (CC BOK) should develop a glossary for the BoK (of course), and that might be useful for finding and automatically tagging items ...