Andrew B. Williams
Spelman College
350 Spelman Lane, SW
Box 217
Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone:  +1 404 270 5879


DVP term expires December 2013


SpelBots: Broadening Computer and Robotics Education and Participation for Women and Minorities
Women and other underrepresented groups represent a vast amount of untapped human
resource potential needed to fuel both industry and academic research needs. Professor
Andrew Williams describes a cohesive, integrated approach to increase the participation
and education of women and African Americans using innovative robotics and computer
curriculum and competitions. Williams provides several examples, including how the allwomen
Spelman College's SpelBots RoboCup Four-Legged robot soccer team, and the
joint Spelman and Carnegie Mellon University NSF-sponsored project, C.A.R.E., have
inspired young girls to pursue education and research in robotics and artificial

ARTSI: Advancing Robotics Technology for Societal Impact
Often women and underrepresented students do not see the connection between
improving society and computer science or engineering. The ARTSI Alliance seeks to
motivate students to study robotics and computer science and engineering by involving
them in innovative robotics projects centered around healthcare, the arts, and
entrepreneurship. The ARTSI Alliance is a collaborative interdisciplinary educational
research project that consists of eight historically black colleges and universities and
seven Carnegie I Research Institutions. The ARTSI alliance provides a symbiotic
relationship that joins the strengths of HBCUs in conducting outreach and education in a
nurturing learning environment and the R1's strengths and resources for conducting world
class research. The ARTSI Alliance will motivate students to pursue computer science
careers by promoting the creativity and socially beneficial aspects involved in
researching and designing new computing and robotics technology by using robotics
projects, curriculum, and media.