Staying on top of various Computer Society initiatives takes some time!

But for a Chapter Chair, it is worth the effort.  First, you as a Chapter Chair will be able to spot opportunities for your Chapter. Secondly, you will be able to deliver the information locally to the members of your Chapter.  Your members will appreciate hearing about new initiatives in the Computer Society, and will be able to appreciate the value of both the Computer Society and your Chapter.

General Computer Society Initiatives  - 2011
Computer Society initiatives for the coming year are varied - there are too many initiatives to list here!  Some of these relate to CS Chapters and geographic units indirectly, such as our upcoming workshops in Software Engineering, and our CAP program (see separate article).  But all of the initiatives relate to CS members and the value that the CS brings to its members.

For a good overview of some of the major Computer Society initiatives, please take a look the Presidents Message from Feb 2011 Computer magazine:

... and also the new video messages on the President's Corner blog / discussion area:

To keep up with what's going on across the Computer Society, please  encourage your members to pay a regular visit to the Computer Society main website, in particular the Computing Now portal:
... and the "Society News" feed on the main page!

Corporate Affiliate Pilot Program - 2011
The Computer Society has developed a new corporate affiliate program (CAP) and is proceeding with a pilot during 2011, specifically for a set of employees of Northrup Grumman Information Systems (NGIS).

Note that these new corporate affiliates are not identical to individual professional memberships.

The CAP benefits vs. Computer Society individual membership benefits are described on:

FAQs concerning the CAP are presented on:

Chapter Chairs should be aware of this new corporate affiliate class in the Computer Society.

Why?  Because a group of new corporate affiliates represents an  opportunity for both the Society and for your Chapter.

If a company in your local Chapter area signs on to the CAP program,  there will be many affiliates in your area interested in learning more about the Computer Society, and in connecting with your Chapter!  Corporate affiliates receive a regular newsletter, which might be a useful communications tool for the local Chapter.

If you have any questions concerning the CAP program, please get in touch with your Regional Coordinator.

Chapter Related Initiatives  - 2011
Within the Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGAB) of the Computer Society we are working on some specific initiatives related to our Chapters.

First, we will be continuing our Chapter Chair training program,  conducting face to face training sessions as well as web-based sessions  as possible.  Plans are being made for this training, so please contact  your Regional Coordinator to give him/her your preferences regarding  Chapter Chair training.

Secondly we will be promoting and improving our Computer Society  Outstanding Chapter Award (OCA).  We want to make sure that all Chapter  Chairs know about this award, and what "outstanding Chapter performance" really means.  Look for more details coming soon, and please keep monitoring out MGAB web site for information about awards:

2011 looks like it will be a busy year for all of the Chapters in the  Computer Society.  The volunteers serving on the Geographic Unit  Operations Committee and MGA Board are here to help each Chapter  succeed.  Please get in touch with your Computer SOciety Regional  Coordinator and let him/her know how we can be of assistance!

Best Wishes

Pieter Botman and the Regional Coordinators on the
Geographic Unit Operations Committee