Pre-defined Query Available for Deactivated (Arrears) Member Outreach Efforts

The IEEE service deactivation, due to non-payment, is processed the last full weekend in February.  This program deactivates all IEEE memberships that have not been renewed for the current renewal year as of that date, and consequently deactivates all society memberships and subscriptions held by these members.  

The following recovery efforts are conducted by the IEEE Contact Center:

Conducts an email outreach to the deactivated members as an additional reminder to renew, reminding them that their services have been placed in arrears but they can still renew.

An annual telemarketing campaign is also performed to members in all regions who did not renew as an additional effort.

In an effort to solicit new society members, staff associates contacting deactivated members who did not have a society membership last year asks the renewing member if they are interested in joining a Society for current year.

To assist Chapter Chairs in their outreach efforts to members in their Chapter who were recently deactivated, a pre-defined query is available in SAMIEEE.  The query returns results with the member’s contact information along with the member’s communication preferences.  This is identified by the “DO NOT CONTACT” flags for both phone and email (Y = DO NOT CONTACT).  The set criteria in the query will generate YTD information for those members who have not renewed for 2011.  As members renew, they will no longer appear on subsequent lists.

Access may be obtained by logging into SAMIEEE and following the steps below:

Log into SAMIEEE with your IEEE Web Account
Select: Shared Folders
Choose: SAMIEEE (Sub-folder)
Choose: MD Predefined Queries (Sub-folder)
Select File:  (MD) Members in Arrears (contact information)

If assistance is required, please contact: