End of Year Wrap Up - A Checklist for Chapter Chairs

The end of the year is upon us, and some Chapter Chairs may be preparing to hand over their leadership duties to a new incoming Chapter Chair.

If you are preparing to depart the office of Chapter chair at the end of the year, it is very important to notify IEEE HQ of the new incoming Chapter officers.  You can do this easily by using the online Chapter officer reporting form at (use your IEEE web account login):


Please be sure to also send an email note to your Computer Society regional coordinator if the chapter officers are changing.   Your Regional Coordinator can help provide orientation and assistance to the incoming Chapter Chair, so it is best to notify him/her as soon as possible.

Whether you are remaining as Chapter Chair, or whether you are transitioning to a new incoming Chapter Chair, December is a good time to ensure that you have taken care of some important year end tasks:

• Ensure L-31 meeting report forms are filed for all the Chapter meetings you’ve held this year;
• File a year end summary report of Chapter Activities.  Please send the report to your IEEE Section Chair and to your Computer Society regional coordinator.  This summary report can contain:
    1.    Summary List of meetings held (please indicate if the meetings were distinguished lectures)
    2.    Any collaboration with other CS chapters, IEEE /groups and IEEE student branches
    3.    Any Chapter participation in the Computer Society group programs (such as awards, special funding, chapter volunteer training etc)
    4.    Any Conferences of which your chapter was a co-sponsor
    5.    Collaboration with external technical or professional groups
    6.    Budget or financial summary for the year, if available
• Thank your Chapter volunteers, supporters, speakers, and sponsors!  Recognize them for all that they have done for the Chapter over the past year.
• Celebrate your chapter achievements of the past year; let your chapter members know of all the events and activities that you have organized!

Thank you for your leadership and service in this important role during 2010.   Your time and talent for the work of IEEE Computer Society and the profession are much appreciated.


Pieter Botman
Vice Chair, Geographic Unit Operations Committee
IEEE CS Member & Geographic Activities Board