Computer Society Member & Geographic Activities Board (MGAB)

(This page last updated on July 24, 2013)

Vice President: Elizabeth L. Burd
Vice Chair Membership Development: Aditya Rao
Vice Chair Geographic Unit Operations: Rob Reilly
Vice Chair Awards and Recognition: Satish Babu
Vice Chair Outreach Committee:  Jane Prey
Member-at-Large: Jill I. Gostin

MGAB Committees

Member Development Committee (MDC)
Vice Chair: Aditya Rao
Students: Prasanth Mohan
R1-7: Xun Luo
R8: David Dias
R9: Irene Pazos Viana
India: Barnabas Muthu
China: TBD
IEEE Gold Representative: Barnabas Muthu

Geographic Unit Operations Committee (GUOC)
Vice Chair: Rob Reilly
R1:  Peter Mager
R2:  Metodi Filipov
R3:  Michael Viron
R4-5:  Hanna Makanuk
R6-7:  Hanna Makanuk
R8: Aziz Barbar
R9:  Carlos Andres Lozano Garzon
R10:  Andre Oboler , Tham Jo Yew
Member Visit Program:  TBD
Chapter Community Champion of Content:  Daniel Shipps, Min Zhang, Co-chairs

Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC)
Vice Chair:  Satish Babu
Distinguished Visitors Program (Co-chairs):Fernando Bouche, Satish Babu
Student Awards  Andre Oboler