Why should I become certified?
What is different about IEEE Computer Society certifications?
How do certifications benefit software developers?
How do certifications benefit employers?
How do I register or apply for the certification exam?
How much do certification exams cost?
What quality criteria were applied in developing items for the CSDA and CSDP exams?
What are the rules for the coding style used in the CSDA and CSDP exams?
How can I prepare for the exams?
Do you offer special pricing?
What type of payment is accepted?
In what countries are IEEE Computer Society certifications available?
What is your refund policy?
Where does the exam take place?
What are the exam registration details and the "Test Day" rules of engagement?
Where can I find the public list of references used to design the exam questions?
Where can I find CSDA preparation materials?
How can I assess my knowledge?
What are the qualifications to take the CSDP?
How can I prepare for the CSDP?
How do I reschedule or cancel my scheduled examination appointment?
Where and when can I take the CSDA/CSDP exam?
What accommodations are available for those with disabilities?
How should I interpret my score report?
When can I retake the exam?
Where can I find the certification logos?
Does the CSDA require recertification?
Does the CSDP require recertification?
Why should I keep my certification current?
How much does recertification cost?
What is a licensed software engineer?
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