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IEEE Computer Society TechLeader OnCourse workshops are designed to keep you on track—whether in obtaining deeper knowledge in your chosen technical area or in setting a new course for your career. Available in one-day and three-day instructor-led formats, as well as online, these courses feature the latest cutting-edge knowledge from proven leaders in the field.

Check here for our spring schedule, or see below for more information on the topics covered.

Cloud computing

With budgets tight and hardware and software costs soaring, managers are looking at cloud computing as an alternative. This course answers the questions:

  • Is cloud right for my IT infrastructure and data?
  • Is it a good business decision?
  • How do I migrate to the cloud?


The new era of high-performance computing is upon us. Software developers must embrace parallel programming and embedded systems to increase performance. These courses will teach you about:

  • Using hardware to maximize software performance
  • Applying C++11 threads, OpenMP, and MPI to increase performance
  • Mitigating risks of parallel programming

Software security

Software security is becoming increasingly important due to the numerous emerging threats exploiting software vulnerabilities. These courses provide:

  • An overview of software security threats
  • Effective countermeasures for new and known threats
  • How to build security into software products
  • Current best practices and tools

Project management

Project managers are always in high demand. These TechLeader courses will teach you how to lead teams and keep projects on track. 


Rob Oshana

Rob Oshana
Rob Oshana has 30 years of experience in the software industry, primarily focused on embedded and real-time systems. Oshana is a member of the Embedded Systems group, the author of a book on embedded software technology, and an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University. He is a director of Global Software R&D for Networking and Multimedia at Freescale Semiconductor.


Joe Hummel

Joe Hummel
Joe Hummel has studied HPC since 1990 and has expertise in Microsoft, TPL, PPL, OpenMP, CUDA, MPI, SOA, Dryad, Excel, Azure, and the Windows HPC Server. He is on the technical staff at Pluralsight, and a visiting professor at UC Irvine.


Don Shafer

Don Shafer

Don Shafer is Athens Group co-founder and technical fellow. An experienced instructor, Shafer developed Athens Group's oil and gas practice and led groups developing and marketing hardware and software products for Motorola, AMD, and Crystal Semiconductor. He is the author of three books and 20 published articles.



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