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The TC on Computer Communications (TCCC) promotes activities, disseminates information, and furthers the growth of those systems that integrate computing functions and telecommunications facilities. The TC sponsors the "802" series of local and metropolitan area networks standards. It also annually sponsors the society's Conference on Local Computer Networks and the Computer Networking Symposium. In addition, it is a sponsor of the biennial Data Communications Symposium.



IEEE Pervasive Computing delivers the latest peer-reviewed developments in pervasive, mobile, and ubiquitous computing to developers, researchers, and educators who want to keep abreast of rapid technology change. With content that's accessible and useful today, the quarterly publication acts as a catalyst for realizing the vision of pervasive (or ubiquitous) computing, described by Mark Weiser nearly a decade ago. The essence of this vision is the creation of environments saturated with computing and wireless communication, yet gracefully integrated with human users. Many key building blocks needed for this vision are now viable commercial technologies: wearable and handheld computers, high bandwidth wireless communication, location sensing mechanisms, and so on. The challenge is to combine these technologies into a seamless whole. This will require a multidisciplinary approach, involving hardware designers, wireless engineers, human-computer interaction specialists, software agent developers, and so on.

IEEE Distributed Systems Online aims to promote professional awareness of developments, trends, activities, and editorial coverage in the distributed systems field and provide online support for Internet Computing and Pervasive Computing. IEEE DS Online hopes to serve as a springboard for building a stronger distributed systems community and offer researchers, students, educators, application developers, and program managers a forum for sharing ideas and discussing projects.


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Communication and computer Networks Modelling with Discrete-Time Queues
Presents a unified approach to developing accurate discrete-time models of communication and computer networks, using discrete-time queuing theory and approximation techniques to obtain solutions. The first chapter outlines the basic aims and philosophy of the book and introduces discrete-time queues at the simplest possible level. The chapters that follow cover probability theory and discrete-time Markov chains, delve into discrete-time queues and queuing networks, and focus on applications for satellite and local area networks. In addition, the book gives examples of specific modeling techniques, and covers handling statistically different users, finite channel delays, timing delays, and unsolvable traffic equations.