Internships Provide Real-World Training

Internship programs have always given college students special opportunities to accrue on-the-job training while they’re still in school. For those pursuing technical degrees in today’s competitive markets, the experience can help launch or determine a future career.



Better Job Outlook for CS Grads

Job prospects are on a lot of minds these days, especially those of college seniors about to enter the workforce. What's the outlook for new computer science and engineering grads in this fragile economy?



How Useful Is an MBA?

A master's degree in business administration may be the most valuable asset for a computing professional eager to climb the corporate ladder, get back into the workforce faster or keep a startup chugging along.



How to Be a Mobile Apps Innovator

In the rapidly evolving mobile application market, new technologies, players, devices, and platforms emerge just about every month. These constant shifts in the business landscape and competitive environment create uncertainty and risk for application developers.



Cloud Computing Creates New Roles in IT

More and more businesses are becoming comfortable with cloud computing. While it's still early in the evolution to this new computing paradigm, adoption is proceeding at a rapid pace.



The Growing Demand for Software Assurance

As computing professionals, we know the critical and central role software plays in our lives and work. The size and complexity of programs continue to grow, as well as the number of their application domains.



Soft Skills As Important As Ever

It's a tough time to be looking for a job. The global economy remains weak and any potential recovery hasn't translated into meaningful employment opportunities. Available positions are harder to get.



Is Crowdsourcing an Opportunity or Threat?

Crowdsourcing has become a practical way for companies to find outside talent to perform task-based projects or contribute ideas for new products and services. Computing and software professionals can often benefit from the crowdsourcing trend...



Creating Successful Global Teams

These days, computer professionals often work on globally distributed teams. While this practice was unusual a decade ago, today even small startups rely on global teams to increase competitiveness.