About IEEE Computer Architecture Letters

Contact Information

José Martínez
Cornell University
336 Frank H.T. Rhodes Hall
Itaca NY 14853 USA
phone: 607-255-1874
fax: 607-255-9072

CAL Publication Coordinator
IEEE Computer Society
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
Los Alamitos, CA 90720, USA
EMAIL: CAL@computer.org
PHONE: +1.714.821.8380
FAX: +1.714.821.9975

Scope of CAL

IEEE Computer Architecture Letters is a rigorously peer-reviewed forum for publishing early, high-impact results in the areas of uni- and multiprocessor computer systems, computer architecture, microarchitecture, workload characterization, performance evaluation and simulation techniques, and power-aware computing. Submissions are welcomed on any topic in computer architecture, especially but not limited to: microprocessor and multiprocessor systems, microarchitecture and ILP processors, workload characterization, performance evaluation and simulation techniques, compiler-hardware and operating system-hardware interactions, interconnect architectures, memory and cache systems, power and thermal issues at the architecture level, I/O architectures and techniques, independent validation of previously published results, analysis of unsuccessful techniques, domain-specific processor architectures (e.g., embedded, graphics, network, etc.), real-time and high-availability architectures, reconfigurable systems.

Additional Information

CAL is a semi-annual forum for fast publication of new, high-quality ideas in the form of short, critically refereed, technical papers. Submissions are accepted on a continuing basis, and accepted letters will be published immediately in the IEEE Digital Library and in the next available print issue. Members of the Technical Committee on Computer Architecture will receive the print issue as a benefit of being a member. Authors should submit their manuscript through ScholarOne Manuscripts.

Editorial Board


José Martínez - Cornell University

Associate Editors

Tor Aamodt - University of British Columbia

Ricardo Bianchini - Rutgers University

David Brooks - Harvard University

Luis Ceze - University of Washington

Mainak Chaudhuri - Indian Institute of Technology

Chita Das - Penn State University

Lieven Eeckhout - Ghent University, Belgium

José Flich - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

James Hoe - Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Natalie Enright Jerger - University of Toronto

Idit Keidar - Techion

EJ Kim - Texas A&M University

Hyesoon Kim - Georgia Institute of Technology

Christos Kozyrakis - Stanford University

Diana Marculescu - Carnegie Mellon University

Andreas Moshovos - University of Toronto

Li-Shiuan Peh - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Parthasarathy Ranganathan - Hewlett Packard Labs, USA

Karu Sankaralingam - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Timothy Sherwood - University of California at Santa Barbara

Kevin Skadron - University of Virginia

Dan Sorin - Duke University

Karin Strauss - Microsoft Research

Thomas Wenisch - University of Michigan

Sudhakar Yalamanchili - Georgia Institute of Technology

Jun Yang - U. of Pittsburgh