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Google Is Top Employer for European Engineering Students

Google is the top employer for European engineering students, followed by Audi and EADS, according to Swedish consultant Universum's survey of 19,890 students studying at Europe's top academic institutions.

Rounding out the top 10 preferred employers for European engineering students were: BMW, Apple, Siemens, Boeing, Porsche, Ferrari, and Lufthansa Group. Google scored highest among engineering students last year too, followed by BMW and Apple.

Google was also the top employer for European information technology students, followed by Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Oracle, Accenture, BMW, and Sony Ericsson.

Business students ranked Apple as the top employer, followed by Google and McKinsey & Co. For natural sciences and humanities students, Google also continues to be the employer of choice. Nevertheless, Apple is a serious contender, taking second place in nearly all rankings.

Based on the number of student nominations that a company receives as an ideal employer across Europe's most prestigious academic institutions, Universum produces a ranking dubbed the Universum Top 100. The Pan-European rankings reflect the level of employer attractiveness that organizations have overall in Europe's interconnected graduate recruitment of top talent.

Europe's most exclusive group of university students associate their favorite employers mostly with good reputation (72%), market success (70%), and prestige (66%), and the least with CSR (33%) and high ethical standards (30%) - a confirmation that students are thinking strategically about their careers and are focused on building their personal brand foremost as opposed to concerns over responsible or sustainable business per se.

With 135 nationalities represented in the Pan-European survey, the multicultural and diverse composition of the top academic institutions in Europe is well reflected. Interestingly, having asked students about their chances of getting a job with their favorite employer within six months of graduation, the most optimistic students were the Germans (57%), Norwegians (56%) and Ukrainians (54%). The least positive students were the Italians (29%), Irish (27%), Greeks (26%), British (25%), and Spanish (18%).

Google Is Top Employer for Engineers

Google, Microsoft, and IBM maintained their positions as the most attractive employers for engineers in Universum's recent global talent attraction index. Rounding out the top 10 were Sony, BMW, Intel, General Electric, Siemens, Procter & Gamble, and Apple.

Following those companies as the most attractive employers for engineers were: Cisco Systems, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett-Packard, Shell, The Coca-Cola Co., Esso/ExxonMobil, Volkswagen, Toyota Motor, Nestlé, Ford Motor Co., 3M, Dell, General Motors, Accenture, and Philips.

To obtain the results, Universum surveyed close to 130,000 career seekers with a business or engineering background. Google was also the top employer for those with a business background.

Universum found that the top corporate brands were not necessarily the top employers. Companies that help talent develop the “me brand” were also more attractive. Globally, top employees are concerned about their own development and outside image, and tend to choose companies that provide professional training and development, a good reference to a future career, and organizations that
have leaders who’ll support their development.

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