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UK Workers See Social Networking as Distraction

More than two-thirds of UK workers believe access to social networking sites should be banned from the workplace, according to new research from UK job site,

“In spite of their phenomenal popularity, the majority of UK workers would rather steer clear of Facebook and Twitter whilst they’re at work, with many seeing them as an unwelcome distraction or a risk to their privacy.”

The survey of 4,245 workers across the UK revealed that just one-in-three employees accesses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social networking sites while at work.

However, for some professions, social networks have become a staple of the working day. Almost half of those with jobs in Marketing and PR tap into the social sphere every day, compared to just a quarter of Finance workers.

And when it comes to following Twitter or updating a Facebook status, mobile takes the lead: 60 percent of UK employees opt to use their phone over a work computer.

The research also revealed that one-in-four businesses has banned employees from browsing social networking sites during work hours. 35 percent of employers give full access and, while the remaining 40 percent do allow access, it’s almost always permitted for business purposes only.

More Hiring Managers Use Social Networking

Human resources and recruitment professionals are increasing their use of social networking sites to make hiring decisions. A survey of 800 US HR and recruiting professionals by the social Web recruiting platform Jobvite found that 89 percent plan to recruit through social media this year, up from 83 percent the previous year.

Nearly two-thirds have expanded their social recruiting programs to two or more networks. As competition for skilled labor grows, social recruiting tops respondents’ list two years running as the most popular area in which to increase investment.

Jobvite's fourth annual survey found that nearly two-thirds of employers have made successful hires through social networks, and a majority of companies plan to invest more in social recruiting in the coming year. Survey respondents continue to rank referrals as the most highly rated source for candidate quality.

“The data show that recruiting departments, like marketing departments, are reaching and engaging their targets in multiple social networks,” said Dan Finnigan, president and CEO of Jobvite. “The fastest moving companies increasingly use the richness of profiles in LinkedIn, the power of online connections in Facebook, and the instant reach of Twitter to develop valuable talent pools and make new hires.”

While almost all surveyed companies (87 percent) use LinkedIn for social recruiting (up from 78 percent last year), most target talent on at least two networks. More than half (55 percent) use Facebook and 47 percent use Twitter.

The Jobvite Index found that over the last six months, 73 percent of all social hires came from LinkedIn, 20 percent from Facebook and 7 percent from Twitter. However, 43 percent of social referral hires on Jobvite came from Facebook. LinkedIn users received 52 percent of all social job referrals, while Facebook and Twitter each received 24 percent.

“Jobvite's new data confirms our research that social recruiting has become an essential element of today's corporate recruiting strategy,” said Josh Bersin, president and CEO of Bersin & Associates, a leading industry research firm. “The data also points out that referral-based recruiting is a new 'secret weapon' for talent acquisition. Companies that focus heavily on referral strategies, enabled by social networks, are delivering the highest quality of hire at the lowest overall cost.”

Employees and Customers Benefit from Social Networking

Investment in social networking is paying off in higher engagement levels for both employees and customers, according to social business software provider Jive Software, which anticipates accelerated enterprise-wide adoption across most industries this year.

Jive surveyed 500 people from more than 300 companies worldwide and found that social networking increases employee connectedness and satisfaction, and leads to idea generation and less email. It also increases customer communication and retention, new customers, and brand awareness, and decreases support call volume.

Eighty-three percent of participants reported that they are implementing enterprise-wide social business initiatives. The top 10 industries embracing a social approach are:

  • High tech (software/hardware, computer services);
  • Financial services;
  • Communications / Telecommunications;
  • Healthcare;
  • Media / Marketing / Advertising;
  • Retail / Wholesale;
  • Education;
  • Consumer goods;
  • Government; and
  • Insurance.

According to Jive, successful social networking programs require a tight partnership between IT and business to ensure that systems are scalable, secure, and adhere to corporate governance standards.

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