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IT Workers' Salaries Register 6.2 Percent Gain

The average salary for IT workers registered a 6.2-percent gain in Global Knowledge and TechRepublic's fifth annual IT Skills and Salary Survey--the highest increase in the survey's history.

The survey also found that job satisfaction among IT professionals is rebounding from its low point in 2010. Sixty percent of respondents reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their positions, compared to 43 percent in 2011 and 40 percent in 2010.

Individuals who trained in the prior year earned an average of 8.6 percent more than those who did not train. Additionally, 65 percent of respondents reported earning a certification in the past five years. The impact of new skills and certifications was also echoed by managers. The percentage of managers reporting that their staff was more effective or significantly more effective on the job after receiving a certification rose to 50 percent, up from 35 percent in 2011.

As it relates to specific job functions, all areas reported at least modest salary growth. Salaries grew the most for those involved in security, database, data center, and servers and storage, while those working in communications and applications/programming experienced the least amount of growth.

Adding to the good news of this year's higher average salary is the fact that 63 percent of respondents received a raise. The bad news is that the likelihood of receiving a raise varied greatly by salary range. Individuals earning $60,000 or less were much less likely to receive a raise than their colleagues in higher earning brackets.

Average salary varied widely across the country. There was a variance of more than $9,000 between the top paying (Northeast) and the lowest paying (Midwest) regions. When looking at pay by state, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington, DC, had the highest average salaries. New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming were the lowest-paying states.

Layoffs Have Eased, Salaries Creeping Up

Layoffs are tapering off and IT compensation and hiring are recovering, according to the latest semiannual salary survey from Janco Associates and

The total mean compensation for all IT professionals has increased modestly by 0.35 percent to US $77,873 from $77,604 in the past year, returning overall compensation to January 2008 levels. Middle managers and non-line IT executives continue to feel a salary crunch, however.

The survey shows that midsized enterprises are starting to hire staff workers, with salaries in the IT sector increasing the most. Mean compensation of $61,924 is up 1.44 percent from $61,047 a year ago.

Among other results:

  • Onshore outsourcing has peaked and companies are looking to bring IT operations back into their direct control and reduce operating costs.
  • Cost reduction is still the rule of the day; however the number of part-timers and contractors who are focused on particular critical projects has increased.
  • Companies are continuing to reduce the benefits provided to IT professionals. Though benefits such as healthcare are available, IT professionals are now paying a greater portion of that cost.
  • Flexible hours and work schedules are becoming more available as the recovery begins to take hold and is viewed as a low-cost, high-value benefit by both employers and employees.
  • CIO compensation has increased over the last 12 months. The mean compensation for CIOs in large enterprises is now $184,681 (an increase of 1.73 percent) and $163,106 (an increase of 0.49 percent) in midsized enterprises.
  • CIO demand is almost non-existent as companies who were not pleased with their existing CIO have already replaced them and incumbents in those positions are reluctant to move with the current economic conditions.
  • In midsized enterprises, the mean total compensation for all positions has increased by 0.43 percent from $73,934 to $74,253. This is due to an average increase of 1.44 percent in the non-management staff levels of those enterprises.
  • In large enterprises, the median compensation has risen slightly from $82,273 to $81,493.

The Janco Associates salary survey draws on data collected throughout the year by extensive interviews, internet-based survey data, and survey forms completed by businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

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