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New Tips for Resume Writing

In an era where many employers use automated systems, it's important to make sure your resume contains the correct keywords. And a simple objective or profile is no longer enough. Instead, jobhunters should incorporate at least one measurable success or achievement into their introduction--preferably in the form of a metric or award.

According to Jobfox, numbers and honors naturally single you out from other candidates because they are unique. Including measurable and tangible accomplishments in resumes demonstrates that you're a proven performer. Recruiters and hiring managers will also recognize that previous employers and others in your field acknowledged your achievements, which sets you apart as an outstanding candidate and gets you the attention you deserve.

Jobfox advises jobhunters to resist the temptation to launch into a description of your career and experience. Though you should still include an introduction statement, professional resume writer and career consultant Chris Bilotta suggests that you begin by giving yourself a title that presents you as a brand and image befitting the position you desire.

"Establish a descriptive job title that instantly distinguishes you from others and gives the reader specific information about who you are and what you do," Bilotta explains, "The language used at the top of your resume sets the tone for the rest of the document and previews what will follow. So, make it count."

Carefully select watchwords particular to your industry, and try to embody who you are within your field. The result should be a finely tailored, job-specific personal label that communicates your professional identity, Jobfox advises.

Automated electronic systems can either help your resume get discovered or filter it out. Resumes must contain the right keywords in order for it to be read. Incorporate keywords from the job description into your personal job title, introduction statement, and the body and content of your resume.

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