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Smaller Businesses Prefer Public Clouds

Small and midsized businesses that market-research firm Techaisle surveyed in the US, UK, Germany, and Brazil prefer using public clouds. Awareness of private clouds was higher (62 percent) than for public and hybrid clouds, however 44 percent of respondents preferred public clouds.

“As cloud computing vendors are pushing private clouds for enterprises, the same messaging seems to be trickling down to the SMBs,” said Techaisle’s Anurag Agrawal, adding that private clouds have advantages when it comes to security, data privacy, and control. However, public clouds are winning out due to their lower setup costs, scalability, and efficiency.

While the awareness of hybrid clouds is 43 percent among SMBs, their use is favored by only 21 percent. A higher percentage of mid-market businesses are adopting hybrid clouds as compared to small businesses. Both private and hybrid clouds require IT staff to maintain, making them unsuitable for smaller enterprises.

The usage of cloud services such as IaaS/PaaS varied by the number of employees. Among those SMBs that are using cloud computing, 37 percent are using IaaS/PaaS Cloud, and 31 percent are using CaaS. Public IaaS is predominant for all employee categories but is markedly higher for companies with from 1-49 employees. The sweet spot for vendors targeting public CaaS services is companies with 1-19 employees.

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