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Freelance Mobile App Developers in Demand

Demand for mobile application developers continues to grow as smart phone adoption shows no sign of slowing. In's annual list of the Top 50 most-in-demand skillsets, mobile phone development ranked 19th, with 4,608 openings, up 31 percent from the previous year. 

With “post-PC device” sales outstripping that of personal computers and a slew of new models
hitting the market, the number of jobs in these areas has seen a steady increase. The demand
for mobile developers has been insatiable and will continue to grow as more businesses seek
to offer their products and services on these platforms, said.

YouTube skills ranked 20th, with 1,248 jobs, a 31 percent increase. Behind that was:
Visual Basic, 1,345 jobs (+29 percent)
User Interface, 1,237 (+29 percent)
Android, 2,863 jobs, (+28 percent)
CSS, 5,579 jobs (+27 percent), and
iPhone, 4,318 jobs (+27 percent).

The continued growth of "post-PC" devices and their support of next-generation open web standards such as HTML5 has seen many businesses invest in Web 2.0 technologies such as jQuery (up 39 percen to 2,324 jobs). This has been to the detriment of older and proprietary technologies such as Flash (down 1 percent to 2,697 jobs). HTML5 (up 48 percent to 2,160 jobs) continues its ascent as the de-facto Web 2.0 standard.

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