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Jobs Picture Mixed for Computer Systems Design

The number of jobs in computer systems design and related services has increased 65 percent over the last year, but decreased by 2,300 over the past month, according to new figures from Janco Associates. In addition, the number of jobs in information services increased by 21 percent and the number of jobs in the telecom sector shrank by 43 percent.

Overall, however, IT hiring slowed in October, with a net loss of 2,300 jobs in October. Janco CEO Victor Janulaitis said that compares to a gain of 31,800 jobs in September. “According to the BLS data there was an overall loss of IT jobs with the telecommunications job market losing 900 jobs, computer system design and related services losing 2,300 jobs, data processing and hosting losing 500 jobs, and with only a small increase (1,400 job added) in other information services," he said.

Over the past three months, there has been a net loss of 4,800 jobs. Janulaitis added that the BLS data is in line with what he has found in interviews with both CIOs and CFOs in companies that have IT departments with at least 100 IT professionals.

Computer Systems Design, IT Services Going Strong

US employment numbers released by the Department of Labor's Bureau of Statistics (BLS) shows a net gain of 9,600 in IT-related jobs in December, representing the seventh straight month of positive job growth in IT labor segments in federal employment data, eJobDescription reports.


Key IT job segments in the BLS data showed a net gain of 45,800 jobs in the last six months of 2010 and 26,000 jobs in October through December. Leading all segments were gains in management and technical consulting services and computer systems design and related services segments, which accounted for 89 percent and 85 percent, respectively, of all new jobs created.

Jobs in the data processing, hosting and related services segment added 200 jobs in December, the worst performing segment in the month. Two job segments in the computer and electronics products industry category added jobs: communications equipment (+500 jobs) and computer and peripheral equipment (+700 jobs).

"The services industry has been on a steady roll since last March; in fact, nearly 95 percent of all new IT-related jobs created since March - 54,600 of 56,000 jobs according to federal job loss data - were recorded in the management and technical consulting services and computer systems design and related services segments," said Victor Janulaitis, CEO and chief research officer at IT research firm Janco Associates. "I don't want to overemphasize CIOs' dependency on contractors, consultants and managed services; indeed, they're also making key hires in many areas. But it's clear that demand for full-time workers outside the services sector has yet to experience the kind of momentum witnessed in services jobs."

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