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ABI Announces This Year's Women of Vision

Jennifer Chayes, distinguished scientist and managing director of Microsoft Research New England; S. Revi Sterling, director of ICTD Graduate Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder; and Sarita V. Adve, computer science professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; are this year's Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision winners.

Chaves, Sterling, and Adve will be honored at ABI's seventh annual Women of Vision Awards Banquet at the Mission City Ballroom, Santa Clara, California, on May 10. The event will feature keynote speaker Kara Swisher, editor of the tech news site

The Women of Vision Awards honor women making significant contributions to technology in three categories: Innovation, Leadership, and Social Impact. The three winners were selected from a field of highly qualified women, all of whom are engaged in technology professions in industry, academia, nonprofits, or government.

The Women of Vision Awards Dinner will also feature the 2012 Anita Borg Top Company for Technical Women Award winner, American Express.

Chayes is the Women of Vision Award winner in the Leadership category. She is recognized for her work based on the impact she has had on computer science through her leadership in building research communities that bridge theoretical computer science, mathematics, physics, statistics, economics and computational biology. Through her founding and leadership of the theory group at Microsoft Research, and more recently the Microsoft New England Research Lab, she has influenced and mentored hundreds of researchers.

Adve is the Women of Vision Award winner in the Innovation category. She is honored for her immense contributions to hardware and software memory models. These models define the meaning of shared variables in parallel hardware and software and form the foundation for reasoning about parallel programs and optimizing them for performance. She co-developed the memory models for the Java language and for the new C++ standard, based on her early work on data-race-free models for hardware.

Sterling is the Women of Vision Award winner in the Social Impact category. She is recognized for conceiving, implementing, and leading programs that have had a direct, positive and lasting impact on the lives of women. She pioneered the development of a new participatory community radio technology that enables women to create content for broadcasting, even if they are far from the station.

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