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Videogame Company Seeks Coders Based on Ability Not Education

Videogame maker IGN Entertainment has kicked off its Code-Foo Challenge – a "no resumes allowed" recruitment program aimed at finding coding talent, regardless of educational background, college degree, or experience.

The six-week program gives aspiring coders with a passion for gaming the opportunity to get paid to learn cutting-edge coding languages and work on real engineering projects while being trained by leaders in the industry. Candidates who impress may score a full-time job at IGN. Out of the 75,000 people who reviewed the 2011 application for Code-Foo, IGN selected 30 to participate in the program, and hired eight.

"The average age someone learns to code is 13.4, so why should we care what credentials they have? We want to find people who are passionate about us, and look at their actual work – not their resume," said Roy Bahat, president of IGN.

With Code-Foo, IGN removes traditional barriers to entry – like a lack of degree or a "jagged resume" – a term used by The Rare Find author George Anders. Instead candidates are asked to submit a statement of passion for the company and answer a set of four challenge questions that test their coding ability.

The application deadline for Code-Foo 2012 is 30 April 30. IGN will notify applicants by May 18th if they've made the cut.

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