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Silicon Valley Tech Workers Best Paid in US

Tech workers in California’s Silicon Valley are the best paid in the nation, according to a CyberCoders analysis.

CyberCoders checked out some 3,000 tech jobs and salaries to come up with a list of the top 10 highest paying cities for tech jobs.

On average, tech workers in top-ranked San Jose get paid about $119,000 a year. Workers in San Francisco, No. 2 on the list, get more than $112,000. New York’s “Silicon Alley” came in third with workers netting, on average, about $105,192.

Here’s the full list:

1. San Jose – $119,412

2. San Francisco – $112,739

3. New York – $105,192

4. Washington D.C. – $99,618

5. Boston – $99,099

6. Los Angeles – $96,705

7. Brooklyn – $96,696

8. Philadelphia – $95,929

9. Chicago – $94,899

10. Dallas – $94,799

As overall salaries differ from city to city, so do average salaries for specific positions, according to CyberCoders’ analysis. The average salary for a .NET developer in San Francisco, for instance, is nearly $99,000. Head south a few hundred miles to Los Angeles, and the average pay for the same position is about $87,000.

The higher average salary in the San Francisco Bay Area is a case of supply and demand in a competitive market, CyberCoders CTO Matt Miller said.

“Companies should expect to pay top dollar for a highly competitive talent pool,” he said.

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