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Employers Maintain 401(k) Commitments

Here’s some good news: most employers are still maintaining their commitment to employee retirement plans. World at Work and the American Benefits Council in their recent survey found that three quarters of employers surveyed have maintained employer matching contributions, and another 15 percent have increased or are considering increasing their match. Only 8 percent decreased or plan to decrease the 401(k) match, and only 3 percent eliminated it entirely. Nine out of 10 US companies offer 401(k) plans as an employee benefit. “These statistics reflect that employers are clearly committed to providing retirement savings opportunities to their workers, even in tough economic times,” stated Cara Welch, public policy director for WorldatWork. However, half of the respondents said employees are taking loans from retirement accounts. The most common employer matching contribution was 3-4 percent of pay, and the most common employee contribution was 5-7 percent per paycheck.

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