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10 Things That Make or Break a Resume

In the current economic climate, it’s more important than ever to present your experience in the best light. And if you’re seeking to do that, you might want to take advice from more than 500 recruiters surveyed recently by, a site for the six-figure-and-above job market. The recruiters said that demonstrating a strong area of expertise can go far in setting a candidate apart from the pack. Showing that you have relevant industry experience and a solid track record of success is also critical. If you’ve managed a business unit or sales team, say so, since recruiters are always on the lookout for proven leaders.

Make your professional summary—which TheLadders compares to “the liner notes on a best-selling novel”--succinct and engaging. Not only list where you went to school, but detail how well you did while enrolled. Making your resume well-organized will make it easier for the recruiter to focus on your qualifications. Listing quantifiable results—those that contribute to the bottom line—can also make you a highly desired candidate. Don’t forget to list certifications, length of tenure in each position and key responsibilities associated with each job. “The job search has never been more competitive and a generic, passive 'job-description' type resume simply will not make the cut in this job market,” stated Tina Brasher, a certified professional resume writer. Brasher said recruiters need to see “an instant connection” when reading your resume.

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