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Class of 2012 Seeks Higher Salaries

Students are seeking higher salaries for entry-level jobs--and are using social networks such as LinkedIn for job searches, according to a survey by Achievers, an employee rewards and recognition provider, and Experience, a career network.

About 8,000 students across the country were surveyed in order to uncover how to recruit, retain and inspire the incoming workforce.

"The Class of 2012 survey of our database of juniors and seniors revealed the changing fabric of what Millennials are seeking in an entry level position," said Jenny Floren, founder and CEO of Experience. "Since last year's survey, the two most notable trends are the increased amount of students searching jobs on professional networks like LinkedIn and the demand for a higher salary."

In addition:

  • 88 percent plan to apply directly to the company they wish to work for
  • 54 percent believe that career advancement opportunities are more important than salary when looking for work
  • 35 percent plan to utilize LinkedIn as their top social media platform to look for a job
  • 40 percent have an annual salary expectation of $50,000-$75,000 for their first job
  • 47percent plan to stay with their first employer from five to 10 years.

The Class of 2012 study was conducted in February 2012 through an online survey amongst a sample of 7,944 students across the United States. The sample included university students with the majority focus on those who would be graduating in the next one to two years. The source of the sample was drawn after targeting for graduation year from the Experience database of 5.2 million students at 3,800 universities.

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