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IT Workers Being Converted into Teachers

The Georgia Institue of Technology will transform 30 Georgia IT workers into high school teachers under a program called Operation Reboot. Enrollees in the program will co-teach at least two computing classes for one year with an existing high school teacher. Co-teaching will teach the IT professional the ins and outs of a classroom and educate the teacher about IT. The IT worker will receive a teaching certificate and a computer science endorsement, a special area of expertise for teachers to add to their certification. The program will utilize Georgia Tech’s high school computing teacher training program and the Georgia Teacher Alternative Preparation Program. Operation Reboot aims to improve the computing education of 4,600 students over the next three years by increasing the number of well-trained computing teachers and computing classes being offered. By creating engaging curricular materials, improving the content and educational knowledge of computing teachers, Georgia Tech expects the number of students receiving a computing education to increase by at least 30 percent.

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