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How to Be a Mobile Apps Innovator

Picking an OS and learning to monetize are key


In the rapidly evolving mobile application market, new technologies, players, devices, and platforms emerge just about every month. These constant shifts in the business landscape and competitive environment create uncertainty and risk for application developers already struggling to stand out. But few can ignore the opportunity, since mobility will eventually have a role in most digital products and services.

“Mobile is very disruptive. It has the potential to be just as disruptive as the Internet was,” said Julie Ask, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research.

Most current mobile applications are adaptations of ideas or applications that originated in the PC-based world. However, Ask said that will subside as developers and end users imagine new and original ways to engage with information and services from a mobile context. In other words, future-looking mobile app innovators should divorce the PC from their thinking.

Nolan Wright, CTO of the application solutions provider Appcelerator, also stresses mobile’s increasing role in business and society. He compares the mobile industry today to the Web’s early days, when companies and developers cautiously used the infrastructure to publish content on static Web sites. Today, companies build entire businesses on the Web and consumers structure their lives and social interactions around it. Its impact pales, however, in comparison to mobility’s promise, Wright believes.

“We think mobile will follow a very similar path but it will happen at a faster rate than the Web did and the impact will be more profound,” he said.  Full Article


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