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Work in Federal Research Labs

Stability, opportunities for collaboration

By Peggy Albright

National research laboratories offer computing professionals a wide range of fascinating and highly rewarding career opportunities. Funded by the US government, these labs are working hard to solve some of the country’s most pressing problems, from investigating climate change models and advancing our understanding of the universe and oceans to finding ways to improve human health and energy production and develop weapons systems.

Computing is essential to all of these endeavors. Computing professionals who work in these facilities can play a wide range of roles, from supporting specific research projects to helping build or run the supercomputing systems needed to process the vast amounts of data generated and used by these facilities.

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Should You Join a Startup?

Questions to ask before taking the leap

By Peggy Albright

Many computing professionals, at one time or another, consider working at a startup. There’s Startupssomething alluring about the prospect of teaming up with a small group of highly capable, self-driven experts who use cutting-edge technologies to pursue an idea that a traditional business might consider downright crazy.

Working at a startup can help you fulfill a personal need to participate in a creative process that has the potential to make business or society better. And of course there’s that possibility that a startup might bring you personal wealth if the effort results in a successful commercial product.

Considering the state of the economy these days, one could assume that this isn’t a good time to join a startup. On the contrary, business leaders in the startup industry encourage getting into the industry now if that’s what you want to do.

“I think this is an ideal time,” said Steve Fredrick, general partner with Grotech Ventures and a founder of StartUpHire, a job search engine that focuses exclusively on career opportunities at startups.

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