Past recipients for Harlan D. Mills Award

2014 Patrick Cousot
Radhia Cousot
For the invention of "abstract interpretation", development of tool support, and its practical application.
2012 Lionel Claude Briand For practical and fundamental contributions to Model-based Software Testing and Verification.
2011 John Rushby For practical and fundamental contributions to Software & Hardware Reliability with seminal contributions to computer security, fault tolerance, and formal methods.
2009 Bertrand Meyer For practical and fundamental contributions to object-oriented software engineering, software reuse, and the integration of formal methods into the above.
2007 Bev Littlewood For leading research on the application of rigorous probabilistic and statistical techniques to problems of assessment in software engineering, particularly in systems dependability.
2006 John C. Knight For encouraging software researchers to focus on practical results as well as theory, and for critically analyzing their assumptions and evaluating their research claims.
2004 Elaine Weyuker For leading research on rigorous software testing including industrial evaluations of the comparative effectiveness and costs of such testing methods.
2003 Victor R. Basili For significant contributions to programming languages, program reading and writing, and empirical methods.
2002 Jesse H. Poore For significant contributions to function-based software development and statistical software testing.
2001 Meir (Manny) Lehman For pioneering contributions to the empirical study of software processes and program evolution.
2000 Barry Boehm For development of empirical software engineering models of cost, schedule, and quality.
1999 David Parnas For fundamental contributions to large-scale systems development by establishing software engineering as an engineering discipline.