How can I nominate someone for a Computer Society Award?
I have submitted a nomination. How can I add more endorsers?
Is there a limit on the number of endorsers per nomination?
How long should the endorsement or supporting letter be?
How do we submit the letters of recommendation /endorsement if we have hard copies?
I submitted a nomination, but I have not received the results. Who should I contact to find out status? Do nominators get notification at all?
Where can I get a list of all Computer Society Awards and deadlines?
I am interested in promoting our technical award on your website, who should I contact for this?
What is the Awards Handbook?
Where can I find the Awards Handbook?
What is the function of the Awards Committee and who are its members?
Where do I find a list of past recipients?
I received a Computer Society Award, but my name is missing from the past recipients list, who should I contact?
I recently received a Computer Society Award, where can I find a press release on that?
I just won a CS award and my university / company public relations office wants do a press release on my award, who should I contact for that?
Can I get a copy of the Awards brochure?
I just attended the Computer Society Annual Awards Ceremony. Is there a page to view the event photos?
In which format can I view the Computer Society awards videos?
Can I download the videos?
Are there any copyright restrictions to the use of texts and graphics from the Computer Society website?
I have a question that is not in this FAQs page, who should I contact?

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