IEEE Computer Society

60th Anniversary Award

The IEEE Computer Society created the 60th Anniversary award in celebration of the Society's 60th anniversary year in 2006. This special award recognized an individual or individuals who have been responsible for one of the most fundamental and important computer science and engineering contributions over the past century. Consideration is given to the following criteria:

bullet  originality of contribution

bullet  significance of achievement

bullet  impact on computer science and engineering

bullet  impact on society

The award consisted of a crystal model and $20,000 honorarium.


The 60th Anniversary Award Recipients

Presented by Michael R. Williams - 2007 President
Cambridge, England - 4 October 2007

David L. Parnas

"For insights into making large-scale systems development manageable with the concepts of encapsulation and information hiding, and helping to establish software development as an engineering discipline firmly rooted in mathematics"


Maurice V. Wilkes

"For pioneered microprogramming, which enabled very large and complex hardware structures to be implemented reliably and systematically"

Tribute to Maurice V. Wilkes

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