How do I change my address?

Log in at IEEE Membership Services or email your new information to

How do I place an ad?

Send your inquiry to

How can I find out more about chapters?

Visit the Chapters Community.

How do I nominate a colleague for an award?

Go to the Awards Community and search for the award that's most appropriate.

Where can I request a reprint?

Email Momoko Vanna at or call 714.503.6702 for multiple reprints. Click here for more information.

Where can I find staff contact information?

A staff directory can be found in the Volunteer Center.

How can I find out more about certifications?

Call 866.681.7613, email or visit the Certification Community.

How do I place a conference in the Conference Calendar?

To submit your Computer Society conference for inclusion on our calendar, send the name of the conference, location, dates, and URL to

How do I find out about Library plans?

E-mail or visit

How do I find out more about scholarships and awards?

Visit the Student Activities Community or email