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UKSim 2009: 11th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation
Simulation of a Radio Frequency Identification System
March 25-March 27
ISBN: 978-0-7695-3593-7
As supply chains become more complex, RFIDdeployment is needed for efficient item identificationand tracking. A system simulation of RFID isconstructed in this paper. RFID systems consist of tagsand readers. Tags are components that store theinformation and are physically attached to each item.The tag transmits information back to the reader bymodulating an RF signal in the UHF frequency range.The reader recovers data to identify the tag. In thispaper, the system is simulated by electrical models.The tag is represented by a simple model. A wirelesschannel with path loss and variable environmentalfactors establishes the reader-tag link. The reader hasa mono-static architecture. Performance of the wholesystem can be studied as function of the operationdistance. System modeling can be optimized bymodifying the parameters of the building blocks.Finally, simulation results showing code recovery arealso included in this paper.
Index Terms:
RFID, Tags, UHF, Supply Chain, Electrical Model, Simulation
Sara Abou Chakra, Usamah O. Farrukh, Beatriz Amante Garcia, "Simulation of a Radio Frequency Identification System," uksim, pp.594-599, UKSim 2009: 11th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation, 2009
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