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UKSim 2009: 11th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation
Improved-AntNet: ACO Routing Algorithm in Practice
March 25-March 27
ISBN: 978-0-7695-3593-7
The objective of this paper is to introduce theImproved-Ant Colony Optimization in VirtualCircuit Networks. We discuss AntNet, animproved version of Ant Colony applied as arouting protocol. A new model is proposed thatintroduces the application of Ant ColonyOptimization in the area of communicationnetwork. The proposed model is analyzed with theapplication of shortest path algorithm in VirtualPrivate Network. We also discuss the drawbacksof other optimization techniques that paved forthe use of Ant Colony Optimization as an efficientoptimization technique. In finding the optimalpath, the proposed model is found to performbetter than the OSPF.
Index Terms:
Virtual circuit network, Routing, Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), OSPF, AntNet
Satish Chandra, Utkarsh Shrivastava, Rajan Vaish, Siddharth Dixit, Manisha Rana, "Improved-AntNet: ACO Routing Algorithm in Practice," uksim, pp.25-29, UKSim 2009: 11th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation, 2009
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