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11th International Conference Information Visualization (IV '07)
Visualization of Growth Curve Data from Phenotype Microarray Experiments
Zurich, Switzerland
July 04-July 06
ISBN: 0-7695-2900-3
Janet S. Jacobsen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Dominique C. Joyner, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Sharon E. Borglin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Phenotype microarrays provide a technology to simultaneously survey the response of an organism to nearly 2,000 substrates, including carbon, nitrogen and potassium sources; varying pH; varying salt concentrations; and antibiotics. In order to more quickly and easily view and compare the large number of growth curves produced by phenotype microarray experiments, we have developed software to produce and display color images, each of which corresponds to a set of 96 growth curves. Using color images to represent growth curves data has proven to be a valuable way to assess experiment quality, compare replicates, facilitate comparison of the responses of different organisms, and identify significant phenotypes. The color images are linked to traditional plots of growth versus time, as well as to information about the experiment, organism, and substrate. In order to share and view information and data project-wide, all information, plots, and data are accessible using only a Web browser.
Janet S. Jacobsen, Dominique C. Joyner, Sharon E. Borglin, "Visualization of Growth Curve Data from Phenotype Microarray Experiments," iv, pp.535-544, 11th International Conference Information Visualization (IV '07), 2007
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