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11th International Conference Information Visualization (IV '07)
On Visualization of Cocitation Networks
Zurich, Switzerland
July 04-July 06
ISBN: 0-7695-2900-3
Tsung Teng Chen, National Taipei University
Liang Chi Hsieh, National Taipei University
The visualization of a cocitation network is a useful technique for information scientists. The technique will help to illustrate the intellectual structure of a given knowledge domain. We hope our results will improve on current tools with regard to user interface interactivity and scale better for larger data sets. We developed a tool, with the visualizing cocitation network in mind, by using an open-sourced toolkit for interactive information visualization to address some of these inadequacies. This tool exhibits cocitation graphs with latent visual cues and allows direct interaction with the visualized graphs. We demonstrated the visualized effects of this tool and complemented the results with its domain content analysis in a case study.
Tsung Teng Chen, Liang Chi Hsieh, "On Visualization of Cocitation Networks," iv, pp.470-475, 11th International Conference Information Visualization (IV '07), 2007
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