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27th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS '07)
Two-Tier Multiple Query Optimization for Sensor Networks
Toronto, Canada
June 25-June 27
ISBN: 0-7695-2837-3
Shili Xiang, National University of Singapore
Hock Beng Lim, National University of Singapore
Kian-Lee Tan, National University of Singapore
Yongluan Zhou, National University of Singapore
When there are multiple queries posed to the resourceconstrained wireless sensor network, it is critical to process them efficiently. In this paper, we propose a Two-Tier Multiple Query Optimization (TTMQO) scheme. The first tier, called base station optimization, adopts a cost-based approach to rewrite a set of queries into an optimized set that shares the commonality and eliminates the redundancy among the queries in the original set. The optimized queries are then injected into the wireless sensor network. In the second tier, called in-network optimization, our scheme efficiently delivers query results by taking advantage of the broadcast nature of the radio channel and sharing the sensor readings among similar queries over time and space at a finer granularity. Our experimental results indicate that our proposed TTMQO scheme offers significant improvements over the traditional single query optimization technique.
Shili Xiang, Hock Beng Lim, Kian-Lee Tan, Yongluan Zhou, "Two-Tier Multiple Query Optimization for Sensor Networks," icdcs, pp.39, 27th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS '07), 2007
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