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Coupled Evolution in Model-Driven Engineering
Nov.-Dec. 2012 (vol. 29 no. 6)
pp. 78-84
Davide Di Ruscio, Università degli Studi dell'Aquila
Ludovico Iovino, Università degli Studi dell'Aquila
Alfonso Pierantonio, Università degli Studi dell'Aquila
Model-driven engineering bases a wide range of artifacts on metamodels. When such metamodels evolve, such as a new version of Unified Modeling Language or Business Process Execution Notation or a company-specific metamodel, underlying artifacts often become invalid. In this article, the authors provide an overview of coupled evolution methods and tools to handle such dependencies. I look forward to hearing from both readers and prospective authors about this column and the technologies you want to know more about.
Index Terms:
Software engineering,Software development,Modeling,Unified modeling language,Unified Modeling Language,software technology,coupled evolution,model-driven engineering
Davide Di Ruscio, Ludovico Iovino, Alfonso Pierantonio, "Coupled Evolution in Model-Driven Engineering," IEEE Software, vol. 29, no. 6, pp. 78-84, Nov.-Dec. 2012, doi:10.1109/MS.2012.153
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