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IEEE Intelligent Systems
November/December 2007 (vol. 22 no. 6)
ISSN: 1541-1672
Table of Contents
A Letter from the Editor
James Hendler, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
pp. 2-3
In the News
Trends & Controversies
David Martin, SRI International
John Domingue, Knowledge Media Institute, Open University
Amit Sheth, Kno.e.sis Center, Wright State University
Steve Battle, HP Labs Bristol, UK
Katia Sycara, Carnegie Mellon University
Dieter Fensel, University of Innsbruck and STI International
pp. 8-15
Expert Opinion
Argumentation Technology
Iyad Rahwan, University of Edinburgh and British University in Dubai
Peter McBurney, University of Liverpool
pp. 21-23
John Fox, Oxford University
David Glasspool, Edinburgh University
Dan Grecu, Cancer Research UK
Sanjay Modgil, Oxford University
Matthew South, Cancer Research UK
Vivek Patkar, Royal Free Hospital London
pp. 34-41
Christoph Tempich, University of Karlsruhe
Elena Simperl, Free University of Berlin
Markus Luczak, Free University of Berlin
Rudi Studer, University of Karlsruhe
H. Sofia Pinto, Technical University of Lisbon
pp. 52-59
Paolo Torroni, University of Bologna
Marco Gavanelli, University of Ferrara
Federico Chesani, University of Bologna
pp. 66-74
Jamal Bentahar, Concordia University, Canada
Zakaria Maamar, Zayed University
Djamal Benslimane, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, France
Philippe Thiran, University of Namur
pp. 75-83
Pavlos Moraitis, Paris Descartes University
Nikolaos Spanoudakis, Paris Descartes University and Technical University of Crete
pp. 84-93
The Semantic Web
AI in Space
Tomasz Stepinski, Lunar and Planetary Institute
Ricardo Vilalta, University of Houston
Soumya Ghosh, University of Colorado
pp. 100-106
Human-Centered Computing
Gary Klein, Klein Associates Division of Applied Research Associates
pp. 108-112
Annual Index
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