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Excessive switching activity during scan operations endangers the reliability of the chip under test. We propose an architectural solution, which we refer to as Expedited-Compact, to mitigate the scan power problem that otherwise creates high heat dissipation and possibly hot spots. Expedited-Compact architecture advances the response compaction operations by utilizing scan chains as buffer. This enables the flushing of the transition-wise costly response data out of the system quickly, providing scan-out power savings. The proposed DfT-based approach is non-intrusive for design flow, requires a very minor investment in area, and in turn delivers significant and predictable savings in test power. The proposed solution reduces average test power without resorting to x-filling, enabling the application of orthogonal x-filling techniques in conjunction.
Index Terms:
response compaction,Test power,scan power,shift power,test compression
"Expedited-Compact Architecture for Average Scan Power Reduction," IEEE Design & Test of Computers, 20 Aug. 2012. IEEE computer Society Digital Library. IEEE Computer Society, <>
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