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IEEE Design & Test of Computers
March/April 2006 (vol. 23 no. 2)
ISSN: 0740-7475
Table of Contents
EIC Message
Mohd Fairuz Zakaria, Freescale Semiconductor, Malaysia
Zainal Abu Kassim, Freescale Semiconductor, Malaysia
Melanie Po-Leen Ooi, Monash University Malaysia
Serge Demidenko, Monash University Malaysia
pp. 88-98
Thomas S. Barnett, IBM Systems and Technology Group
Matt Grady, IBM Systems and Technology Group
Kathleen G. Purdy, IBM Systems and Technology Group
Adit D. Singh, Auburn University
pp. 110-116
Special Features
Kaushik Roy, Purdue University
T.M. Mak, Intel
Kwang-Ting (Tim) Cheng, Universityy of California, Santa Barbara
pp. 128-136
J?r? Chevalier, ?cole Polytechnique de Montr?al
Maxime de Nanclas, ?cole Polytechnique de Montr?al
Luc Filion, ?cole Polytechnique de Montr?al
Olivier Benny, ?cole Polytechnique de Montr?al
Mathieu Rondonneau, ?cole Polytechnique de Montr?al
Guy Bois, ?cole Polytechnique de Montr?al
El Mostapha Aboulhamid, University of Montreal
pp. 148-158
Book Reviews
Brian Bailey, Brian Bailey Consulting
pp. 160-161
CEDA Currents (HTML)
Kartikeya Mayaram, Oregon University
pp. 168-171
The Last Byte
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