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August 2009 (vol. 42 no. 8)
ISSN: 0018-9162
Table of Contents
News Briefs
The Known World
32 and 16 Years Ago
Technology News
Computing Practices
From the Area Editor
Cover Feature
Andreas Krause, California Institute of Technology
Carlos Guestrin, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 38-45
Ross D. King, Aberystwyth University
Jem Rowland, Aberystwyth University
Wayne Aubrey, Aberystwyth University
Maria Liakata, Aberystwyth University
Magdalena Markham, Aberystwyth University
Larisa N. Soldatova, Aberystwyth University
Ken E. Whelan, Aberystwyth University
Amanda Clare, Aberystwyth University.
Mike Young, Aberystwyth University
Andrew Sparkes, Aberystwyth University
Stephen G. Oliver, University of Cambridge
Pinar Pir, University of Cambridge
pp. 46-54
Tao Xie, North Carolina State University
Suresh Thummalapenta, North Carolina State University
David Lo, Singapore Management University
Chao Liu, Microsoft Research
pp. 55-62
Research Feature
John Lach, Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia
Vinu Vijay Kumar, Texas Instruments
pp. 64-74
Report to Members
Computer Society Connection
Call and Calendar
Bob Ward, IEEE Computer Society
pp. 90-92
Software Technologies
Rick Kuhn, US National Institute of Standards and Technology
Raghu Kacker, US National Institute of Standards and Technology
Yu Lei, University of Texas at Arlington
Justin Hunter, Hexawise
pp. 94-96
AI Redux
Invisible Computing
The Profession
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