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From Data to Insight: Work Practices of Analysts in the Enterprise
ISSN: 0272-1716
Eser Kandogan, IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose
Aruna Balakrishnan, Google, MOUNTAIN VIEW
Eben Haber, IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose
Jeffrey Pierce, Samsung Research America, San Jose
With greater availability of data, businesses are increasingly becoming data-driven enterprises, establishing standards to data acquisition, processing, infrastructure, and decision making. There are now people in enterprises whose entire job role involves performing analytic work in support of decision-makers. In order to better understand analytic work, particularly the role of the enterprise business analysts, we conducted interviews with 34 analysts working in a large corporation. We found that analytical work takes place in an ecosystem of data, tools, and people; overall quality and efficiency of the ecosystem depends on the degree coordination and collaboration is supported; and analysts play a key bridge role between business and IT, in closing the semantic gap between datasets, tools, and people. In this paper, we provide an overview of the analytic work in the enterprise describing challenges in data, tools, and practices and identify opportunities for new tools to support collaborative analytic work.
Eser Kandogan, Aruna Balakrishnan, Eben Haber, Jeffrey Pierce, "From Data to Insight: Work Practices of Analysts in the Enterprise," IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 12 June 2014. IEEE computer Society Digital Library. IEEE Computer Society, <>
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