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IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
July/August 2011 (vol. 31 no. 4)
ISSN: 0272-1716
Table of Contents
About the Cover
From the Editor
Visualization Viewpoints
David Borland, Renaissance Computing Institute
Alan Huber, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
pp. 7-11
Turlif Vilbrandt, Digital Materialization Lab, Japan
Carl Vilbrandt, Digital Materialization Lab, Chile
Galina Ivanovna Pasko, British Institute of Technology and E-commerce
Cherie Stamm, Uformia
Alexander Pasko, Bournemouth University
pp. 12-18
Guest Editors' Introduction
Aaron Hertzmann, University of Toronto
Victor Zordan, University of California, Riverside
pp. 20-21
Yeuhi Abe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jovan Popovi´c, Adobe Systems
pp. 22-33
Jie Tan, Georgia Institute of Technology
Karen Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Greg Turk, Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 34-44
Ari Shapiro, Institute for Creative Technologies
Sung-Hee Lee, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 45-55
Web Extra: View Supplemental Video
Junggon Kim, Carnegie Mellon University
Nancy S. Pollard, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 56-65
Web Extra: View Supplemental Video 2
Web Extra: View Supplemental Video 1
Feature Article
Graphically Speaking
Jordi Linares-Pellicer, Universidad Politècnica de Valencia
Pau Micó, Universidad Politècnica de Valencia
Javier Esparza-Peidro, Universidad Politècnica de Valencia
Empar Carrasquer-Moya, Batoi Vocational Training School
pp. 94-96, c3
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