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IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
March/April 2008 (vol. 28 no. 2)
ISSN: 0272-1716
Table of Contents
About the Cover
Visualization Viewpoints
Catherine Plaisant, University of Maryland
Georges Grinstein, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Jean Scholtz, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mark Whiting, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Theresa O'Connell, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Sharon Laskowski, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Lynn Chien, Oculus Info
Annie Tat, Oculus Info
William Wright, Oculus Info
Carsten Görg, Georgia Institute of Technology
Zhicheng Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Neel Parekh, Georgia Institute of Technology
Kanupriya Singhal, Georgia Institute of Technology
John Stasko, Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 12-21
Guest Editors' Introduction
Bruce Gooch, University of Victoria
Brian Wyvill, University of Victoria
pp. 23
Jaume Rigau, University of Girona, Spain
Miquel Feixas, University of Girona, Spain
Mateu Sbert, University of Girona, Spain
pp. 24-34
Jiayi Xu, Zhejiang University
Xiaoyang Mao, University of Yamanashi
Xiaogang Jin, Zhejiang University
pp. 35-43
Francisco González, University of Girona
Mateu Sbert, University of Girona
Miquel Feixas, University of Girona
pp. 44-51
Chuan-Kai Yang, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Li-Kai Peng, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
pp. 52-61
Ross Maciejewski, Purdue University
Tobias Isenberg, University of Groningen
William M. Andrews, Medical College of Georgia
David S. Ebert, Purdue University
Mario Costa Sousa, University of Calgary
Wei Chen, Zhejiang University
pp. 62-74
Feature Article
Katrien Jacobs, University College London
Celine Loscos, Universitat de Girona, Spain
Greg Ward, Dolby Canada
pp. 84-93
Projects in VR
Nicholas F. Polys, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Don Brutzman, Naval Postgraduate School
Anthony Steed, University College London
Johannes Behr, Fraunhofer IGD
pp. 94-99
Graphically Speaking
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